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Session Tips


Plan several outfits for options & variety – start with a more formal option then switch to casual. Avoid overly dark or heavy makeup. Ask a friend to help you prepare your horse and keep an eye on them while you get yourself ready!


Book your shoot within a few weeks of your farrier visit so their hooves are tidy. Exercise earlier in the day to burn off extra energy. Please prepare your horse as you would like him or her to appear in the photos

Choose a clean, well-fitting halter and lead for in-hand shots and if using your tack, make sure it’s clean and ready to go


Let people on the property know when a shoot is happening and ask to them to help minimize distractions around the shooting area, such as yard traffic and farm dogs


All sessions include basic blemish retouching on humans and horses. Further retouching is not usually necessary but is available at an hourly rate

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