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Shanah & Nash

Everybody remember way back in January when we had that crazy selfie contest? There was over 50 entries and hundreds of votes but in the end there was one clear winner! Miss Shanah and her quarter horse gelding Nashville won by a landslide of votes and in February we finally had our chance to get together for the shoot!

One of the things I love the most about my work is getting to know my clients and, of course, their horses. It was a truly joy to meet these two. Shanah is one of those rare and brilliant personalities, she just radiates strength and positivity and I’m so glad that she won this session with the support of her friends and family. And does she not have the most amazing smile?!

As for Nash, well, he was so relaxed about the whole photo thing we had to wake him up from the occasional nap. What a darling! <3


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