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Kassy & Skittles

Despite years of riding lessons on the little beasts, I secretly love ponies. I love their cute little bodies, bossy attitudes and big hearts. So when Kassy asked if I would photograph her with her Welsh Section A pony, I was totally gleeful! I’m not sure if Skittles was as enthused as we were, but he was a good sport about it – as ponies often are.

Kassy told me their story during our shoot – she had ridden Skittles for years until she’d outgrown him, moved up to a horse, and recently had the lucky chance to buy him back. What a fairytale story to be able to reunite with your four-legged best friend from your childhood! This was such a fun shoot with these two cuties and such a lovely location too!

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line on Facebook if you’re interested in scheduling an equine lifestyle session with your best friend! Weather permitting, photo sessions are available year-round


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