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Gratitude Giveaway Session: Taylor & Holly

Just before Christmas, I finally managed to catch up with the winner of the Thanksgiving Gratitude Giveaway contest for her session! Taylor was nominated by her beau, Dylan, who submitted this sweet sentiment to describe why he was thankful for her:

“Taylor is the only woman that’s ever pushed me to do better and be a better man. Also because she is the most caring person I know, with a heart as big as the universe, caring for me and her horses and every other animal on the planet.”

Isn’t that wonderful? I so enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to that contest! Feels like it’s just about time for another one, hey?

Anyways, I was thrilled to catch up with Taylor, Dylan and her palomino mare, Holly, for what turned out to be a beautiful snowy session despite the icy cold wind! We even managed to get a wreath on Holly for some festive photos and snuck in a few couples’ poses too! Thanks for braving the cold for a wonderful session and I wish you two all the best for the New Year!



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